MonaVie – Super Food for Super Skin

Recently I discovered a new drink product that has taken the USA by storm – MonaVie. I was turned on to this wonder beverage in by fitness expert and New York City personal trainer Matt Townsend.

This superfood-packed beverage contains the Acai berry from Brazil and 18 other beneficial fruits. 4 ounces of this drink is like having 13 servings of fruit and vegetables. Besides all the obvious health benefits, a big result has been terrific looking skin. Now that was something this makeup artist had to put to the test! Matt suggested I drink a shot glass sized amount every morning for 30 days. The results were pretty astounding. My complexion was clear and my skin beamed bright. I love beauty products that work from the inside out. It even comes in a very fashion friendly wine shaped bottle. During last NY fashion week, I found MonaVie mixed cocktails at some of the parties… I’m not really sure you can consider it a superfood when you mix it with vodka but it sure did make a super cocktail. Also for a backstage boost MonaVie do an energy drink, which doesn’t make you crash and burn like caffeine. They have been very handy for me to have in my makeup kit when working crazy hours to give me some much needed stamina.

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