Sometimes we don’t know why a brand is popular or trendy – it just is, but really nothing ever just is. The All Star Converse was designed in 1917. ┬áChuck Taylor was a high school basketball player who loved Converse All Stars. He worked as a travelling sales person for the Converse Rubber Shoe Company.Continue reading

I don’t really wear trainers unless I’m working out but I can’t help but smile when I see all these colourful happy looking Giuseppe Zanotti trainers. I’m quite fond of the wedge trainer – I’m a bit practical that way and I do like a bit of comfort. The wedge trainer is perfect for summerContinue reading

 It might just be a reaction to the very high and unusual heels we’ve been seeing on the catwalk and some 80’s influences but I’m loving trainers on the catwalk. When I’m doing a film shoot all the crew is wearing sneakers but on a fashion shoot there will always be one of the assistantsContinue reading