Echo Morgan is so cute and she’s very doll like. I recently met her while she was working on her dress for The Enchanted Palace. I wanted to know all about her, and she was nice enough to grant me an interview: What is your artistic background? I grew up in China studying fine /Continue reading

Independent charity Historic Royal Palaces is undertaking a £12 million major project to transform Kensington Palace by 2012. The Palace could have closed for this time, or they could have chosen to do something extraordinary. They chose to do something extraordinary. Last year I went to The Palace with William Tempest, to a meeting withContinue reading

Kensington Palace is one of London’s most famous landmarks, not least because it was once to home to Princess Diana. Every room has a story – it truly is a place of fairytales and secrets. There are so many hidden doors, secret stairwells and tiny rooms. This year the palace has been transfored by theContinue reading