I’ve known Stefan Orschel Read for quite a few years and I’m a huge fan of his work. This collection is grown up, it’s clever, intelligent and wearable. Stefan has always been a great pattern cutter – this season you notice the innovative detail as everything is more subtle. Orschel Read explains "one thing IContinue reading

It’s normal to work on a shoot months before it comes out in print so it’s always nice to see it when it does. I really enjoyed styling this menswear shoot for Vision Magazine, shot by photographer Patrick Lindbloom. No matter how great the clothes or the lighting is, it always comes down to theContinue reading

Today we shot with model Luke Worrall for the new online magazine Sheer. Luke was a really great model to work with and this was his very first shoot with dark hair. He was fun and easy going – he’s a very cool person who also DJs, snowboards and skateboards.

Stefán Orschel-Read’s collection ‘The Spy Who Becomes Me’ had 30 models, and each model had one look each. Backstage was quite calm and we seemed to have loads of time to hang around and chat. Sometimes backstage the time just flys by but all the models were on time – a few were even earlyContinue reading

This was Stefán Orschel-Read’s second season at London Fashion Week and I really enjoyed working with him. It really was beautiful and the models were just lovely – there was a lot of excitement backstage. The collection was called "Fågeln" – Stefán was inspired by the beauty of female birds and the ceiling murals ofContinue reading