Osman Yousefzada with FBC co-founder Courtney Blackman. It was a small yet lovely event with Colin McDowell, Erin Mullaney (Browns Buying Director, Womenswear & Focus), Zoe Kuipers (Communications Director of Browns), freelance fashion journalist Avril Groom, Mariella Tandy (Retail Editor of Tatler), Marcio Quintela (Browns Stylist) and of course some very loyal shoppers! Everything inContinue reading


The triangular shape (A -line) dress has been around since the early 50’s. It was originally designed to be worn with low heels and bouffant hair – it later transformed into the baby doll dress during the 60’s. Vintage 1960 trapeze dress, $126. The trapeze dress has proven very popular over the past few seasonsContinue reading