Shopcade is one of the fastest growing apps, with over 2 million page views per month and over 750,000 users. It’s a social network shopping app for the fashion-conscious consumer. Users log in to see their daily trending feed, a collection of celebrity and blogger styles, trends from magazines and exclusive deals from brands. What’sContinue reading


Yesterday I attended the Miss Guided press day. It was held at one of my favourite locations, 33 Great Portland Street, which gave me more incentive to go. I’ve done several shoots there and you might recognize the room in the image below as it was used for the King’s Speech. Online companies tend toContinue reading


When I heard that Jane Pratt was launching a new UK site called I was quite excited. I’d alway been a huge fan of Jane Magazine. I loved their cover stories – they were the first ones to introduce the make-under and that always appealed to me. Jane magazine was launched in September 1997Continue reading

I was invited to an eBay Fashion Outlet event hosted by their Creative Director, Andrea Linett. Before heading up eBay Fashion she co-founded Lucky magazine in the US, so she knows all about shopping!. We take shopping magazines for granted but Lucky magazine was one of the first magazines to really focus on shopping. IContinue reading


My team and I had a great time at ShopStyle at London Fashion Weekend. It was great to meet so many people who just loved fashion. After styling 3 shows at London Fashion Week it’s great to meet the customer – the end user! It’s really important not to forget who fashion is really for!Continue reading

It was so hot on the tube today that I found myself dreaming of little summer dresses. I feel like I’ve been waiting for summer and then it’s suddenly here for a couple of moments, and I’m not quite ready for it. This cute little flora print dress is only £14.99 at Little Mistress!  Continue reading

I don’t know any women who actually enjoy bra shopping even though we love lingerie and appreciate a good bra. When I go bra shopping I know it’s important to take some time out. I usually get about 5 or so bras and head towards the fitting room. This time I tried something different. IContinue reading’s Fashion’s Night In at was the perfect event for staying in and shopping online. First we had Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out, and this event was dedicated to shopping online – Fashion’s Night In.’s event was a great success, with cocktails, fashion and manicures! It was in the Penthouse Suite at the MayfairContinue reading

I’m quite fond of tea dresses and bird prints so when offered me a dress this one fit the bill. It’s a bit longer than I like but I have no hesitation in making little alternations – which doesn’t work for everyone. I really like simple dresses for every day. I really enjoy onlineContinue reading

Every holiday season I seem to have a favourite dress. It started from a very young age. When I was little we used to go to England for Christmas to visit my grandparents and every Christmas my mother would make me a special dress to wear for Christmas day. One year she made me aContinue reading

Lots of shops are closing, so why has Suzannah opened a shop during a recession when so many other shops are struggling? What can the designer boutique offer that the big retails can’t? When did you open the shop? September 7th 2009 You opened the shop during a recession, were you hesitant? Well, the recessionContinue reading

It’s starting to feel cooler and it’s definitely autumn, and I like to be cosy. You might not think of me as a flannel-pyjama-wearing kind of girl, but I am – and I’m picky about how soft the flannel is. Most of my pyjamas come from John Lewis but this was the first time IContinue reading

  Net-a-Porter has just launched an iPhone application. You can now browse it’s site – you can read the weekly magazine, shop on line and make purchases. I know lots of people are sceptical about shopping on your mobile but really your mobile is just another computer, so why not? I spend quite a bitContinue reading

"The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her” — Marcelene Cox My mother always said that everyone has at least one natural talent. If this is true, then mine is clearly shopping. It is not a talent for bargain hunting that I possess (although my bank manager suggests that itContinue reading