Jay Briggs is not shy to talk about the realities of what it is to be a new designers and he’s not a afraid of a lot of hard work. He’s in it for the long haul and even while creating this collection he was working full time in retail. This was Jay’s first presentation sinceContinue reading


I love hats and I was quite excited to see J Smith Esquire‘s new collection. I first saw his work in 2007  when he graduated from the Royal College of Art. Since then he been showing in Paris, London and Milan and has collaborated with Stella McCartney, Moschino, Manish Aurora and Aganovich. Hats need to be functional and practicalContinue reading

Jay Briggs is a fashion designer and headpiece designer who graduated in 2013 with a BA Honours in Fashion Design from University of Salford Manchester and showed  last year at Graduate Fashion Week How did you know you wanted to study fashion design? Fashion and making clothes is something that has always been with me for asContinue reading


I’m very fond of hats, actually I love a good hat and think that a hat can completely transform your outfit and influence your day. I’ve used several of Alexandra Harper’s hats for  editorial shoots. She’s already been featured in Grazia, the Los Angeles Times, Russian Vogue, Marie Claire and on Lara Stone in InterviewContinue reading


Are you ready for Ascot? Well if you don’t have the perfect hat it’s worth a visit to the Ascot Pop-up Shop featuring milliner Piers Atkinson. A good hat can serve many purposes but at Ascot you want the hat of all hats. It’s the one place where no hat is over the top. MakeContinue reading

I love a good hat, and it’s a delight to wear a Stephen Jones hat! Are you a budding hat designer? If you are visit as Stephen Jones and Dolly Jones, Editor of will choose the budding hat designer. The winning hat will be displayed at the Bard Graduate Center Gallery for theContinue reading


  I love this top hat by milliner Victoria Grant.

Keely Hunter is a London based hat designer presently making wooden hats! I love the idea of a wooden hat and had a chat with Keely about her inspirations. What inspired your collection? ‘NEW BUILD’ for me was all about contributing to design in a directional sense, hence I have produced a series of piecesContinue reading

I’ve always liked a good hat but after spending a week styling backstage at Royal Ascot and working with Stephen Jones’ hats I’ve developed a new addiction and a better understanding of what makes a great hat. We put a lot of effort into choosing a dress but often you forget to put the sameContinue reading

After a day of dress rehearsals, filming, and photoshoots we’re already for the Royal Ascot Fashion Show!

Top hats are always so elegant. A good top hat is made from silk and you use a velvet mini pillow to brush the silk to give it a beautiful shine. These hats are from Patey Hats. Patey Hats is part of the Firmin & Sons group, who made Prince William’s uniform for his wedding.Continue reading

We had a busy day doing the prep and fitting for The Royal Ascot Fashion Show. We have over 60 looks from Vivienne Westwood, Steven Jones, Amanda Wakeley, Julien McDonald and Todd Lynn – it should be quite an exciting week and a wonderful show. So many amazing shoes!

Today I went to visit Emily Baxendale of Emily London at her show room. Emily studied at London College of Fashion and a few years later in 2008 she set up her own label. Emily London creates both ready to wear and bespoke collections. She has also done exclusive cocktail collections for Fenwick and sheContinue reading

I’m a fan of Princess Beatrice’s Philip Treacy royal wedding hat. I know lots of people don’t like it and there’s even a Facebook page about it, but I like the hat. The hat is presently being auctioned on eBay for UNICEF UK and Children in crisis. There is still about 4 days, 18 hoursContinue reading

I quite like hats although I do feel a bit too shy to wear them so I quite enjoy going places where one ought to wear a hat. (In my dreams I often wear a hat). I was visiting Stephen Jones‘ shop in Covent Gardens as I’m the stylist for the fashion show at RoyalContinue reading

I met milliner Mich Dulce a few years ago. She was quite cute and wearing a little hat so I just had to say hello. She later dropped off a box of hats for me and I’ve been a fan of hers ever since! I had a chance to interview her recently: What is yourContinue reading

I went to visit Camilla Rown of Tour de Force at her East London studio to see some hats and her new AW11 collection. She’s doing some exciting things – which I’ll post after her press day. I met Camille Roman a few years ago. She’s a fashion designer but many people know her forContinue reading

This London Fashion Week we were partying at the Pop-Up Gallery at Franny’s in Soho to celebrate Piers Atkinson‘s AW 11 Millinery collection! Naturally there were lots of hat wearers in attendance and of course the amazing Fred Butler was there (on the right)!  

I love this hat – it’s not me, I couldn’t pull it off but I would admire the person that does! I love the tweed lining too! It’s by Emmanuel Katsaros, who has quite a few cool and quirky pieces.The collection consists of a limited number of pieces, each individually made and entirely sourced andContinue reading

Everyone is talking about what’s hot for the festival season, who’s wearing what and who will be best dressed. It seems somewhat ironic, but which festival you attend, which bands you like are just as important say just as much about you as the clothes that you wear. Festivals have always been a celebration ofContinue reading