Mary’s Living & Giving Shop is a destination shop and it’s everything you’d expect from Mary Portas. First of all it’s beautifully merchandised, but even more importantly it was the best customer service that I’ve experienced in ages. It’s hard to articulate what makes good customer service but I’ll try. I was able to lookContinue reading

I recently passed by the Ace shop near Clapham Common and it’s quite a cute little shop.They sell lots of new and nearly new items, and they have quite a few high street brands – you can by a dress for £5 and designer shoes for £20. I bought three books for £1.50! The AceContinue reading

I was on a recent episode of Mary Queen of Shops and it was actually quite an amazing experience. Mary Portas was working with hair stylist John Peers, whose business was stuck in the past and suffering financially. John Peers was really lovely and is such a genuinely kind person that you just want himContinue reading

I have been a huge fan of Mary Portas’ Mary Queen of Shops right from the beginning, so I was very excited when I was asked to be on an episode of her new season. This season Mary takes on a new challenge – to bring her expertise to 6 non-fashion British high street independentContinue reading