If you’ve been walking around London you’ve passed by these odd but charming characters. Wenlock and Mandeville are the London 2012 Olympic mascots. Wenlock is made of steel from a steelworks in Bolton and is named after the Shropshire town of Much Wenlock. It is thought that the Wenlock Games, founded around the mid 19thContinue reading


I really enjoy seeing all kinds of fashion – I feel like I’m a fashion enthusiast. For two days over 50 designers showcased their work at Africa Fashion Week London in Spitalfields. It was a very festive atmosphere and the audience area and the photographer’s pit was packed! I’m always moved when I see aContinue reading


Loved these two ladies at Hyde Park! They’re visiting from Yorkshire for the Olympics and had their dresses specially made for the occasion with matching handbags!


I’ve been thinking quite a bit about tube travel and the Olympics. Today I was on my way to Waterloo Station and at Bank I was the only one walking this route, and it was in the middle of the afternoon! It felt deserted and somewhat eerie. I’m sure this is not going to beContinue reading


I loved manicured gardens – everything is orderly and precise. I also love the unexpected and a bit of humour but it’s not something I’d expect to find while strolling though rose gardens. While wandering around Queen Mary’s Gardens in Regent’s Park I saw roses with fanciful names like Ice Cream, and Ingrid Bergman. ThenContinue reading


I love that Oxford Street is decorated with flags – it’s just so festive and everything is so ‘Go British’ with the Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee!

In London there are so many quirky things. Streets where the numbers go up one way on one side of the street and then they continue down on the opposite side. Buildings or homes with no numbers often have just names which makes finding them a bit more difficult but it seems so much moreContinue reading

Cherry blossoms in London. I like wearing pink lipstick by Shu Uemura on Sundays Ice cream in St. James’ Park Sunday Girl by Blondie.

Snog serves frozen yogurt – natural, green tea or dark chocolate with some yummy toppings! The cafes are quite modern but have a bit of a trippy feeling to them! And why is the shop called Snog? – "The name is a combination of snow + yogurt. We wanted a British name that was cheeky,Continue reading

I love London at night and one of my favourite things to do is to take a taxi and ride along Embankment. Late at night or early in the morning there’s almost no traffic and you can cross the city quite quickly; there’s always something magical about it!

There are always queues for the ladies room – but never for the mens (we just can’t pee in a trough)! No one really likes to go pee in a club or a pub, it could be really messy – you just never know what to expect. The loos at the Queen of Hoxton areContinue reading

I love that police on motorbikes in London can stop traffic for horses to go by. There is just something so old world about seeing horses in the city.

I love roses & doors. It always looks like something magical is going to happen. Something wonderful and fantastic is happening behind closed doors.