This was the opening look for Bernard Chandran‘s AW11 collection at London Fashion Week..Colour isn’t just for summer, it’s probably even more important to wear it in the winter. I just love the colour of this dress. it’s so easy to imagine wearing it on a gloomy winter’s day and you know you’d feel amazingContinue reading

This season I was able to see quite a few shows at the Old Sorting Office by My Beautiful City. I really enjoyed Henry Holland’s show, it was so fun and upbeat, and you felt like you could wear so many pieces in the collection. Love the red lips with a hint of pink!

I’ve worked with Alice Palmer for a few seasons and she’s one of my favourite people. Knitwear designers are a breed of their own. Alice often tells me that knitwear designers have their heads in the clouds and that they work at their own pace. Alice is visionary as she’s constantly working on new techniquesContinue reading

A delightful playful tea party was hosted by Markus Lufper at the Sanderson. Delicious cakes that say ‘Eat Me‘, sweet caramel lemon potions, scones and clotted cream!  You really you just wanted to go on a journey somewhere, cozy in knitwear or seductive in lace, wearing spotted tights and laugh with your friends! It wasContinue reading