Normally I don’t bother looking around when I’m on the tube, far too many miserable commuting faces to be honest. I like to keep my head down, read the latest Stylist or just daydream of being chauffeured around London. Yesterday was different; there I was just having a glance around at the suits and theContinue reading

Of all the celebrity wedding pictures I’ve seen over the years there is only one that stands out. Remember Brad Pit and Jennifer Aniston’s wedding picture, the black and white one? I loved it – it wasn’t just because they were the most attractive couple ever (Team Jen!) – it was exquisite, it was pretty,Continue reading

Caroline? Caroline who? I may hear you ask. Why she is my newest girl of the moment. We all know I’m a huge fan of Olivia Palermo but well, she hasn’t been seen since her London Fashion Week trip and well I need a new Girl Crush to take her place while she’s MIA. WhenContinue reading

Strolling down Oxford Street amidst LFW madness I happened to notice French Connection’s new advertising campaign and for some reason I just can’t get it out of my head since. The big bearded fella is etched on my mind and I just can’t work out why. Up until quite recently I was working part-time atContinue reading

It’s all kicked off in London. Fashion Week has begun and I for one am excited – it’s a good indication it’s going to be a goodun when Kate Moss takes her front row seat on Day 1. I’m not sure about you but I was a little un-inspired with New York; I don’t recallContinue reading

What really drives fashion week, apart from the collections on the runway are the celebrities that attend the shows. Which celebrities will grace the front row this season I wonder. I predict Alexa Chung will feature heavily at the international shows. Rumour has it style icon Olivia Palermo will be in London (again) and IContinue reading

I’m amazed at how many films have influenced my style in one way or another, whether it be the kids from Fame dancing away in their leg warmers and neon coloured tops, Pretty Woman with Vivians thigh high boots. More recently there was Andy Sachs going from geek to chic in The Devil Wears Prada.Continue reading

I love all things glitzy, even my bed spread and pillow cases are embellished with diamontes come to think of it. So due to my love of glitz you can just imagine just how excited I was walking in to the Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED party in honour of Daisy Lowe and her new capsule collection. TheContinue reading

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve thrown a few snowballs in my time and I’ve even been skiing on a school trip (I cried every day) but I’m just over this weather already. What I’m finding especially hard is the chore of getting ready for work. Please tell me I’m not the only one finding itContinue reading

Brace yourself girls… the trailer for the new Sex and the City film, and oh my god I cannot wait to see it. Like most girls I loved the TV series and I loved the film but I wasn’t thrilled to hear about another instalment; Big and Carrie got together, everyone was happy and theContinue reading

Like most women, I adore shoes. I also adore embellishment and I love nothing more when the two collide. Last week I went to a party in aid of Aruna Seth shoes. The party was at celeb hang-out Whiskey Mist in Mayfair and consisted of pink cocktails, pink cupcakes and dazzling shoes – the perfectContinue reading

So Christmas is upon us, the red Starbucks cups are gracing chilly hands, the tills are ringing with lavish present buying and tonight we even had carol singers at the door (boys wearing hoodies with their hands cupped, Oliver style – aww how lovely). Today was the first day I actually felt a little bitContinue reading

Holidays are comin… Eek! Christmas is just around the corner. The coke adverts are on the TV, the central heating is going on and the umbrellas are going up. I don’t know about you but I’m getting excited, crack open the Baileys cuz I’m starting to feel the festive cheer. I love everything about Christmas,Continue reading

Now don’t you just wish you were as cool as Zoe Kravitz? With her vintage-chic style and free-spirited personality she is one of my favourite American girls. She’s very New York City, If you’re fluent in Gossip Girl she’s not the prim Blaire character, no way. Nor is she the sexy Serena type she wouldContinue reading

The nights are drawing in, the mornings are dark and dreary and there are Christmas adverts on TV. That’s right people, winter is here and summer is officially over. Last night I decided to pack away my summer clothes until next year. My white jeans, summer frocks and embellished sandals, in the suitcase they went.Continue reading

Giles Deacon DJing! Me with the fabulous Leanne Bayley! The venue on Kingly Street was packed! There were several levels to this club and the music was really good! These are super delicious. I am a biscuit/chocolate fan. I recently discovered Cadbury Caramel Shortbread and now have tasted the Caramel Nibbles – they actually haveContinue reading

I have a friend called Becs, she’s no ordinary friend. She is the ‘pretty friend’. She’s the girl that random men on the street feel the need to say ‘hey baby’ to, she’s the girl that looks great without a scrap of make up on and it’s likely that if you didn’t know her you’dContinue reading

Oh how I love Paris Fashion Week, the glitz, the glamour and the cream of the crop front row. I was pleased to see Kate Moss on the front row at YSL, she looked back on top form in her chic black outfit along with her beau Jamie Hince. They looked great together and sheContinue reading

Fashion week is boot camp. If you think about it, both gruelling activities require early starts, a huge amount of determination, the correct uniform, not to mention the physical and mental strength to get through each day. It’s not easy this fashion world, dashing around from one place to the next, from show to show,Continue reading

Yesterday, after a long day at work I decided to hot-foot it over to Selfridges and go to the open casting to become the next Alexa Chung. It was a brave move I have to say, I have no desire to be famous, or at least that’s what I thought. There I was standing inContinue reading