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The Ones to Watch AW12

Posted by Rebekah Roy on March 3rd, 2012

20120303 105918 The Ones to Watch AW12

The whole month of February has been like living in a fashion dream. It’s been a crazy time with the run up to London Fashion Week and then London Fashion Weekend and some epic photoshoots.

I had such an amazing time working with The Ones to Watch. I really enjoy working with new designers, it’s just an amazing opportunity to work with someone early on in their career as you get to see so much happen in such a short time.

Nova Chiu, Heohwan Simulation, Myrza de Muynck and Anne Sofie Madsen: they are not only a group of very talented designers, and each collection was so different from one another, but they are the nicest group I’ve worked with and a pleaure to style. You just want the best for all of them! A group show is always more difficult as the designers are not only sharing the models but the hair and makeup team has to come up with a look that will work with all the collections. It’s also chaotic backstage as there are more people than normal. Each designer has their team backstage, plus 18 models, 18 dressers, hair and makeup teams.

Ones to watch NovaChiu AW12 The Ones to Watch AW12

20120303 145820 The Ones to Watch AW12

Myrza de Muynck

OnetoWatch  The Ones to Watch AW12

20120303 150246 The Ones to Watch AW12

Heohwan Simulation with the very lovley Stella!

OnesToWatch HeohwanSimulation AW12 The Ones to Watch AW12

20120303 155422 The Ones to Watch AW12

Anne Sofie Madsen

 OnestoWatch AnneSofieMadsen AW12 The Ones to Watch AW12

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