It’s offical! I’m addicted to headbands. I just can’t help it, every shop I go in I immediately head to the head-gear searching for my ultimate quick fix. Shopping in Topshop at the weekend I shrieked with joy as I discovered a pair of Louis Vuitton style bunny ears and, I’ll be honest with youContinue reading

I told you I’m fickle, when it comes to my style girl crushes they tend to change like the weather. And while Cheryl was yesterdays girl crush, today there’s a new girl in town; and this one means business. If you don’t watch The City (spin off TV programme from The Hills) you might notContinue reading

I’m feeling great at the moment, not that I’m usually in a bad mood but today I’m in a marvellous mood. I think it might have something to do with the gorgeous weather, the fact that it’s a bank holiday and that this is my first official post for stylist stuff. So, whilst catching someContinue reading


I never watched The Hills until one of my work experience assistants said she wanted to work in fashion because she was inspired by The Hills. I know lots of fashion people have a love-hate relationship with TV but I’ll watch any fashion-related programme. I think I’ve watched most episodes of The Hills so IContinue reading