This year I will have moved twice. After my husband died I didn’t want to stay in our flat. He unexpectedly died at home and I found him, I never stayed there over night again. I gave away all our furniture, our bed, sofa, tables, lamps, even the toaster to different charities. I kept my teacupsContinue reading

Some studios have lots of cool props. We all fell in love with this chair and wanted to be shot on it!


Jimmie Martin is one of my favourite furniture designers and he’s been featured in Vogue, Harpers, Style, Flux and countless other publications. Jimmie’s created a bespoke chair that incorporates a hand-painted portrait of Kylie (taken from the Showgirl Homecoming tour), with hundreds of Swarovski crystals adorning the headdress as well as armrests along side Kylie’sContinue reading