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Made Where?

Posted by Rebekah Roy on March 16th, 2012

20120316 200212 Made Where?

Not that long ago organic food was only in specialty shops and now you can find it in all the big grocery shops. Imagine if a fashion retailer was a bit more like a grocery shop and there was signage about where a garment was made. In the past few years we have organic and eco fashion sections in high street  shop. Would it make a difference in how you shop?

Pomegranates – Peruvian

20120316 200219 Made Where?
Limes – Brazilian
20120316 200226 Made Where?

Lemons – Spanish

20120316 200241 Made Where?

Apples – Italian

20120316 200234 Made Where?

Grapefruit – Cyprus

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Fruit – a Gourd

Posted by Rebekah Roy on July 22nd, 2011

20110716 093803 Fruit   a Gourd

It’s great when you see something new! This is a Gourd it’s part of the melon family.

20110716 093813 Fruit   a Gourd

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