It’s almost time! What a wonderful year and so much to celebrate!


Sometimes we don’t know why a brand is popular or trendy – it just is, but really nothing ever just is. The All Star Converse was designed in 1917.  Chuck Taylor was a high school basketball player who loved Converse All Stars. He worked as a travelling sales person for the Converse Rubber Shoe Company.Continue reading


I’ve always been a big fan of Julia Lundsten, Creative Director of Finsk who currently consults for & Other Stories and she’s  produced runway collections for Basso & Brooke, Ports, Tia Cibani in New York and Fyodor Golan in London. I’ve used Finsk shoes for many fashion shoots and fashion shows and I own threeContinue reading

I quite like when technology and fashion come together but it’s always a bit novel. have created wellington boots with built in speakers and they’re bluetooth enabled so you can connect to and listen to music for up to 5 hours. In addition has also created a free app, streaming radio stationsContinue reading


Mr. Hare and Mr. Start showed their SS14 collection at London’s House of St. Barnabase in Soho during the London Collections: Men. It was a very English event – everyone was very cheery and polite, there were lots of summer treats served with champagne and so many handsome men. I’ve been following Mr Hare’s workContinue reading


The Sandal and the Craftsman. I’m not one to get my feet out but with the warmer weather I want to experience every moment of it and if that means exposing my feet then that’s what I’m going to do. It’s not that there is anything unusual about my feet but I’ve never been tooContinue reading


Underground is a British footwear brand who makes authentic, rock ‘n’ roll-inspired shoes.  I’ve used them in shoots and put them on the feet of several musicians. I love the crazy colour combos of their shoes, that are bright and quirky. Underground’s original creepers were first worn by new romantics, goths and new wavers inContinue reading


Pineapples and shoes in a tree – I’m not sure what it means but it’s amusing! 


Just before entering Bungalow 8 at the Sanderson you know you’re in the right place as you catch a glimpse of a yellow shoe at the end of a long black corridor, enticing you to the tea party. I love a tea party, so I am quite delighted, as any girl would be, on enteringContinue reading

I don’t really wear trainers unless I’m working out but I can’t help but smile when I see all these colourful happy looking Giuseppe Zanotti trainers. I’m quite fond of the wedge trainer – I’m a bit practical that way and I do like a bit of comfort. The wedge trainer is perfect for summerContinue reading

I’ve always been a fan of Ecco walking shoes but I never really thought of them for heels so I was quite delighted when they sent me these heeled ankle boots. I was pretty sure that they were going to be comfortable but was still surprised to discover that I could wear them all dayContinue reading

Elizabeth Dunn is a graduate of Cordwainers and she designs bespoke shoes. She working on her next collection and a few moments to tell us about it! What inspired you to become a shoe design? I have always been a creative person, My father has to be my biggest inspiration, as he is a designContinue reading

I met Anna Kichenside after she graduated, while she was working at Gil Carvalho. It seemed inevitable at the time the she would set up her own label. How did you become interested in fashion? My family background was in graphic design and advertising, and even though I loved what both my parents did forContinue reading

It’s the perfect time of year to keep cozy and there is nothing that I hate more than having cold feet. I love my new Studded Wedge Mukluk Boots. They are very comfortable with the wedge sole and they look super cool on! Mukluks have been around for hundreds of years but it was Jaime CookeContinue reading

I went to visit the new A/W 10 collection of Uggs at their Covent Garden store. I actually didn’t expect the new collection to be so on trend. When I think of Uggs I really think of the classic Uggs but they had biker style boots, riding inspired boots and lots of great wedges! IContinue reading

The flip flop is starting to grow on me. I’ve noticed lots of women wearing Havaianas on the tube in the morning instead of trainers. Maybe it’s beause they’re lighter and fit in your handbag easily if you’re going to change into a pair of heels later on. The simple flip flop is really aContinue reading

Like most women, I adore shoes. I also adore embellishment and I love nothing more when the two collide. Last week I went to a party in aid of Aruna Seth shoes. The party was at celeb hang-out Whiskey Mist in Mayfair and consisted of pink cocktails, pink cupcakes and dazzling shoes – the perfectContinue reading