Sometimes I find it hard to tell when it’s the weekend – I find one day just seems to roll into the next. I’ve decided to make a conscious effort that when I do have a weekend or even just one day off to take advantage of it. I love that in my neighbourhood there areContinue reading


This was my second trip to Jakarta and we were doing some live photoshoots as part of Jakarta Fashion Week. I love using fresh flowers in shoots so very early one morning my team headed off to the flower market. It’s not a place that tourists visit, so it was obvious to everyone that I was aContinue reading


I loved manicured gardens – everything is orderly and precise. I also love the unexpected and a bit of humour but it’s not something I’d expect to find while strolling though rose gardens. While wandering around Queen Mary’s Gardens in Regent’s Park I saw roses with fanciful names like Ice Cream, and Ingrid Bergman. ThenContinue reading


After London Fashion Weekend I was passing through Covent Gardens and saw this LEGO greenhouse by Sebastian Bergne. It was commissioned by LEGO as part of the London Design Festival 2011 The greenhouse is full of sunflowers. I was so happy when I saw the greenhouse – it’s not suppose to be there and isContinue reading

I always look forward to seeing Selfridges’ window displays. This month they use colourful wigs and garlands of flowers. It’s quite whimsical, with butterflys, bluebells and toad stools.

I love going to markets and flower markets are just so pretty! You can buy a huge bouquet of roses for £5!