Don’t underestimate the power of accessories and jewellery. I love styling accessory and jewellery shoots as accessories can completely change how we wear an outfit. If you learn to accessorize you can get more value for the clothes that you already have as you can get more use out of them. We tend to wearContinue reading


I’m waking up in the dark and coming home in the dark so it’s so nice to be working on Spring/Summer shoots with lots of colour!


I love scouting for locations. It’s important to find the right set up for your shoot: it can make all the difference! You have to remember that one day you can have a beautiful sky but that can all change on your shoot day. I love these red apples but will they be there inContinue reading

I got to go to Wales for a shoot this weekend. It wasn’t an easy trip – changing trains and platforms while carrying a rail and several cases but it was worth it. I’m a city girl through and through but I do love the countryside for a day. Of course we got to stayContinue reading

I love location shoots – you never quite know what to expect. This shoot was at the MC Motors Warehouse in Dalston.

Stylists don’t often have long lead times to prep a shoot but with a good brief you can prepare well and you’re guaranteed an amazing shoot day. The clothes have to suit the artist or model but really they should inspire the whole team!

Just doing a few more shoots for spring before the Christmas holidays begin! The shoot focused on new designers. I’ll post some of the images when it comes out it February. Soon it will be time to be thinking about London Fashion Week – my favourite time of year!!

My job as a stylist requires me to be creative, but it also requires me to be organized! Every shoot involves lots of details and planning. It’s important for fashion students who want to be stylist to know how much prep work is really involved in a shoot. for example these are just some ofContinue reading