Learn how to follow a brief. It’s not about how good you look and your style. It’s about how good you make other people look. Find your team – your photographer, hairstylist, make-up artist and nail artist. It’s all about teamwork – be a team player. You will become highly organised. Be nice to PRS – return things onContinue reading


This past year I’ve styled so many shows and each time I’ve had a wonderful backstage fashion team – there is nothing more important than having a super professional team backstage for a show (one weak person can spoil everything). I’ve styled fashion shows that have anywhere from 25 looks over to over 300 looksContinue reading


During London Fashion Weekend I gave a talk on fashion styling. Most of the audience was quite new to fashion and wanted to figure out just how to get started. There are so many good fashion programs and short courses that are worth checking out. It’s also important to take and create opportunities – goContinue reading


This season I tweeted for fashion interns and I received so many wonderful responses but it wasn’t possible to take you all on. (I received hundreds of emails)! Many thanks to my amazing SS14 team for their assistance on the Bjorn Borg show, the Ones to Watch and PingHe’s show plus the team of dressersContinue reading

Graduate unemployment set to double to 40,000 amid struggle to find work in recession Graduate unemployment ‘soars in the recession’ Graduate unemployment hits all time high. These are just a few of the newspaper headlines regarding Graduate unemployment at the moment. As a new Fashion Graduate I must admit I am finding it particularly hardContinue reading

After a couple of well earned months holidaying and relaxing, I am suddenly starting to feel the pressure of being a new fashion graduate looking for work in London. As the economy is currently experiencing a recession the job market is extremely competitive, especially for new graduates. However I am determined to land my dreamContinue reading

“Fashion is architecture. Its a matter of proportion“- Coco Chanel Designers are not just fashion creators, they are also great mathematicians and architects. Throughout my degree studying Fashion Design, I was introduced to various necessary skills that have helped me a lot in styling. Pattern Cutting is a vital skill to acquire. It is oneContinue reading