Stylists don’t often have long lead times to prep a shoot but with a good brief you can prepare well and you’re guaranteed an amazing shoot day. The clothes have to suit the artist or model but really they should inspire the whole team!

Issue five of FMS is the first copy to be stocked worldwide. Not only have we been accepted at Barnes & Noble (the US equivalent of WHSmith) but we’ll also be sold in countries such as Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Norway, Croatia, Turkey, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Canada and Brazil…and we’re wellContinue reading

So you want to work at one of the most popular and influential magazines? Do you live, eat and breathe fashion, and can you work harder than you ever thought possible? Are you willing to give up your summer holidays? Not many people have what it takes, but here’s one: take a lesson from LucyContinue reading