Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with the lovely model Max Rogers (you may recognise him from the recent Tommy Hilfiger campaign). I recently worked with Max at the Birmingham Clothes Show and I noticed a t-shirt he was wearing in the finale. This shirt was actually in support of aContinue reading


I bought my first rubber boots/wellies as an adult; I had yellow one when I was little and for some reason I just couldn’t buy black rubber boots – they just seem too serious. The weather was so warm and sunny I actually didn’t need them but there is nothing worse then being soaked &Continue reading


I’m working with The Sunrise & Big Chill and we’re doing Ethical Fashion Show and Upcoming Ethical Designer Competition at the festival on Saturday August 2nd! I’ll be styling the show! The Big Chill Nights Arena is 40m by 40metres, the stage is 10m by 9m with a 16ft catwalk and a huge video screenContinue reading