Today I styled a shoot with Kristin Knox, The Clothes Whisper. She brought her lovely tea cup Pomeranian Butters to the shoot. Butters is named after Butters on South Park. She likes carrots and and sat patiently in her Prada bag during the shoot.  During London Fashion Week and press days Butters is given aContinue reading


  This is Pembridge Vitality, her nickname is Tally. She belongs to the editor of Phoenix Magazine, Hannah Kane. Tally is a 17 hand dark brown mare, half Hannoverian / half British Warmblood. She’s being trained for dressage and showjumping. Likes: Food Bossing the male horses around in the field Being a drama queen GoingContinue reading

This is Bob, the stafford bull terrier. He’s 9 or 12 years old, no one knows for sure as he’s a rescue dog. He now wear a Louis Vuitton collar and lives a wonderful life at Varg Pr.

There was an article in the Daily Mail about dogs that steal stuff – for fun. This little puppy Rocky who belongs to super fashion PR Portia Shaw of Pop PR likes to steal his owners underwear!

Exerpt from the official press release about Tiny The Beyond Retro cat. I took this picture while shopping one afternoon. This is the story of how Tiny ended up in Beyond Retro: Tiny was born in a shop down the road but was really unhappy as all of her brothers and sisters were really meanContinue reading

Kate, Naomi, Cindy, Agyness… watch out the next supermodel is on it’s way- Meet King Louis. There’s a little something… I mean someone extra that comes along with me and my makeup kit to work. It’s my 11 month year old West Highland Terrier puppy King Louis. Named after King Louis the XIV- the originalContinue reading