It’s the perfect time to put men on fashion covers that traditionally feature women. This month both Elle UK and Phoenix feature their first man on a cover – and why not? Both cover models are called David, they are each supermodels, fashion icons and have beautiful bodies. This week in London is the firstContinue reading

Rumour has it there’s going to be an ad campaign for Emporio Armani featuring David Beckham with Angelina Jolie! I love the idea of David Beckham and Angelina Jolie in an Armani ad together. Not only do they both look amazing but it just screams gossip and scandal! Of course there might be none andContinue reading

OH. MY. GOD Check out David Beckham and his pants. Just when you think ‘Pah,David Beckham he’s like soooo 1998’ he goes and wows us with his new advertising campaign for Emporio Armani. Yesterday at lunch time he unveiled the advertising campaign at Selfridges in London, where girls flocked like moths to a burning, red-hotContinue reading