Secondhand Shopping in Pimlico For a stylist I actually don’t shop very much, or at least I don’t think I shop as much as I’d like to. When I’m visiting another country I alway¬†try and fit some shopping in, but in London it happens a bit more¬†haphazardly. Recently my sister in-law was visiting and weContinue reading


Backstage at Cafe de Paris with 12 beautful and lovely Storm models and some amazing dresses – it’s a perfect recipe for a great show. We had a wonderful selection of clothes from Craig Lawrence, Zoë Jordan, Bora Aksu, Leutton Postle and Krystof Strozyna with over 70 looks in total. The makeup was provided byContinue reading

I used to have two teddy bears when I was little. I loved them and they seemed to travel everywhere with me, to Paris, to Canada and back to London. My mother even crocheted matching dresses for me and my panda bear. It’s hard to say why, but we just love teddy bears, and nowContinue reading

I love these paper shirts in the Oxfam Marylebone High Street windows.

I recently passed by the Ace shop near Clapham Common and it’s quite a cute little shop.They sell lots of new and nearly new items, and they have quite a few high street brands – you can by a dress for £5 and designer shoes for £20. I bought three books for £1.50! The AceContinue reading