Knomo has just re-branded! They launched in London in 2004 and have just opened a shop and showroom just behind Oxford Circus. ¬†They are a bag company where fashion and function meet and even their name is a fusion of the words: knowledge and mobility. They’ve rebranded using the symbol of the fox to representContinue reading

When did River Island get so good? It’s not a shop that I visit on a regular basis but I do pop by whenever I need some sexy shoes or cool accessories for a video and most makeup artists I know all seem to own a pair of jeans from River Island. It seems likeContinue reading

I love these fashion signs which were posted on the doors to mall in Toronto.

I’ve always been a fan of Ecco walking shoes but I never really thought of them for heels so I was quite delighted when they sent me these heeled ankle boots. I was pretty sure that they were going to be comfortable but was still surprised to discover that I could wear them all dayContinue reading