Lots of shops are closing, so why has Suzannah opened a shop during a recession when so many other shops are struggling? What can the designer boutique offer that the big retails can’t? When did you open the shop? September 7th 2009 You opened the shop during a recession, were you hesitant? Well, the recessionContinue reading

Choosing a perfume is very personal. Most of my life I’ve been given perfume and happily worn them but to choose a scent for oneself is quite special. I used to always wear perfume. I’d wear it out, I’d wear it after a bath and to bed and then I stopped wearing perfume and I’mContinue reading

  Berlin designer Karolin Maier-Hauff, a former designer for Vivienne Westwood, with her husband Sean Violante have opened the boutique Squatters!  Karolin has called on 6 emerging designers to squat for a period of 1-6 months. She selects the designers and the designers choose which pieces they’d like to have in the shop. Pimlico RoadContinue reading

Last Thursday evening, I took a well-earned break from my almost finished dissertation and went to Cow in Nottingham, which is a new-ish vintage shop that was open after hours. For one night only they had a lock-in just for students, with live DJs, a free beer and most importantly, a 10% discount on allContinue reading


There are some people who have a gift of making you feel special, they take time when they speak with you and look you in the eye – it sounds so simple but it’s become so rare, so when it happens you fall under their spell and you can’t help but adore them. Joan BursteinContinue reading