This year Bath in Fashion is celebrating 50 years of Biba with a catwalk show. I’m quite excited about styling the catwalk show as it’s been an amazing experience to see so many original Biba pieces and to see how relevant they still are.  During Bath in Fashion on May 7th  Barbara Hulanicki will beContinue reading

Loved this video! You can meet Barbara Hulanicki at the Fashion and Textile Museum on Friday June 11th. She’ll be signing copies of her DVD and you’ll get to meet her in person. I saw her speak a while back at the Drapers Fashion Summit – she was very inspiring and generous!

I met the legendary Barbara Hulanicki, creator of Biba! How cool is that? The Drapers Fashion Summit’s first day was very exciting – in addition to the Barbara Hulanicki’s on-stage interview there was another panel with Lulu Guinness, Betty Jackson and Anne Tyrrell, and today we’re going to see Diane von Furstenberg and Harold TillmanContinue reading