Well, I have to say I feel very hip seeing myself in one of my favourite magazines! This is from the autumn issue of Zink Canada. When Zink magazine said they’d like to interview me I was quite delighted and they asked for a picture of me so I sent them a typical headshot. ThenContinue reading


It’s great to see a second issue of Zink Canada! I loved the first issue and I’m a fan of Zink international – which really is the Zink US edition and you can buy it at RD Franks but the Canadian version in only available in Canada!


Zink launches a Canadian edition! Spring 2008 Zink Magazine was founded about 6 years ago in New York City by Canadian-born model Isabelle Sabourin, & her husband Sheriff J. Ishak, publisher and editor-in-chief. I first found the magazine at RD Franks, in London and I thought it was Canadian but then realized it was actuallyContinue reading