I feel very lucky to be on Vogue Street Chic. I’m always checking out online street styles around the world. It just amazes me that all this information is just a few clicks away. I remember going to see trend presentations by Cotton Inc and we were looking at denim samples that they had sourcedContinue reading

I’ve always believed luck favours the prepared. The tricky thing about luck is that you have to be able to recongnize the opportunity and go for it – take a risk. Leisa went for it and ended up working for Vogue! What got you interested in fashion? LB – I had a pretty low-key upbringingContinue reading


How cool is this! I thought being asked to speak at the Barbican was a great privilege and honour. And now to be on Vogue.co.uk is so so cool!


Link: Victim R-T-W fashion show photos | Vogue. VICTIM SPRING/SUMMER 2008 LONDON see the collection on Vogue. I’ve added a few behind the scene shots that I took. I always think that I’ll take more shots but we were so busy on the day that you just don’t have time. My dressers were really onContinue reading


I love Marijoli by Swiss designer Marielle Byworth she’s so sweet and fun and of course I love her jewelery, especially her silver cuffs. I featured her cuff in one of my shoots in December. Madonna, Kate Moss and Nelly Furtado are also fans! Marijoli is available at Nude Contemporary Jewellery in London Marijoli isContinue reading