Victoria Beckham wearing William Tempest for the launch of David Beckham’s Adidas Originals in Los Angeles. Check out the full story on The Mail Online! Some people love to hate Victoria Beckham but the one thing I’ve always admired about her is that she’s always kept a keen eye on fashion. She wears designers becauseContinue reading

We all talk about supporting British designers, let’s face it VB can wear any designer that she chooses. So how cool is that when she knows the world is watching she promotes British designers. Yup, very cool! Victoria Beckham wore a pair of  Antonio Berardi PVC boots for the launch of her fragrance at Macy’s.Continue reading


The secrets inside a stylist’s kit are really not so secretive – sometimes there are just subjects that we don’t talk about too often – like nipples. You’ll notice in different magazines and advertising women with and without nipples. In Sex and the City you see lots of nipples and in M&S advertising women don’tContinue reading

Spice Girls outfits sketch by Cavalli

Cavalli has designed outfits for The Spice Girls’ comeback tour, which starts Dec 2 in Vancouver, Canada! Apparently Victoria Beckham has been personal friends with Cavalli for a long time, and that’s how they got him to design for them. It pays to have a fashionista in your band! Here they are back in theContinue reading