Alex Box is a rare talent. Lots of make up artists dream of doing cool, edgy colourful make up but they never quite succeed. It often can look over done, or try-hard or just plain wrong. It’s a very fine line bewteen what is beautiful and ugly. I’ve worked with Alex over the years andContinue reading

Mei-Hui Liu of VIctim always does an incredible show. She works with the same people that she has for years – she very loyal and her friends are very loyal to her.  Dejan Cekanovic and Dirk Walther from Premier did the hair. Alex Box from D&V Management did the make-up – every year she justContinue reading


Victim is one of my favourite shops. Most of Victim’s dresses are one of a kind, so they are very distinct and recognizable. They are made with vintage silks and lace: you feel very sexy and feminine when you wear them. Everything is designed by Mei-Hui Liu, a dear friend of mine. Peaches Geldof wasContinue reading


I love going to tea parties at Victim; we all dress up and wear Mei Hui’s lovely dresses, drink tea and dance to 80’s music!


Mei Hui is moving her shop just around the corner so she invited us over for a lovely Sunday afternoon tea! It’s nice to go to a shop that’s more than just a shop, it’s somewhere you want to hang out and escape into a little world of beautiful dresses and lace!


Link: Victim R-T-W fashion show photos | Vogue. VICTIM SPRING/SUMMER 2008 LONDON see the collection on Vogue. I’ve added a few behind the scene shots that I took. I always think that I’ll take more shots but we were so busy on the day that you just don’t have time. My dressers were really onContinue reading


Mei Hui  and shoes desighner Nazinna Douglas at Respiro,  located at 2 Ganton Street (off Carnaby Street).