First there were 50 girls, then 24, 12 and then there were three!  The three finalist are all wearing super cute dresses from Fornarina and sitting on the Vauxhall Tigra "Mirror Ball". The winner of the Face of Tigra Vauxhall Style competition are fast tracked to the final auditions of Living TV’s Britain’s Next TopContinue reading

I recently worked with knitwear designer Alice Palmer on her show for Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s Ones to Watch. I just loved all her work. She’s just one of those girls you meet and you feel like you’ve known her your whole life. Did your mother or grandmother knit? AP- Both my Grandmothers were fashion designers,Continue reading

It’s so difficult for a young designer to get a strong start in fashion but this season we’ve already had the first Fashion Scout Merit Award and VFS continues to offer support and advice for designers throughout the year. Last week Fashion Awareness Direct presented their annual award at Vauxhall Fashion Scout. FAD is nowContinue reading

This year at Vauxhall Fashion Scout I noticed a difference in the women’s loo. There was a lovely attendant giving out Moxie tampons – which come a cute little tin. Not what you’d expect at London Fashion Week but quite fashionable.                 The average women will use aboutContinue reading

We were very well organized for Wil’s show. I think we were ready about 45 minutes before show time so we had time to spare. We wanted to start on time but we were waiting for another show to finish and told that nobody starts on time! So backstage we had lots of time forContinue reading

I’m so looking forward to styling William Tempest’s show tonight! I love the ticket, it reminds me of the winning ticket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

Styling a group show is never an easy task but “The Ones to Watch” went very smoothly. All our designers were well organized and most of our models arrived early. The show before us was running late – which meant we had plenty of time, so we were off to a good start! We hadContinue reading

Model casting is not an easy job but it can be great fun. It’s difficult to find the right model with the look that you want. We saw a few hundred models yesterday. In the picture on the left is Lu Flux and Kumiko Watari for migh-T, they are part of Fashion’s Scout’s “Ones toContinue reading

Maybe it’s because it’s grey outside and I’m all cosy in the house that I’m dreaming of migh-T. Delicious oversized t-shirt dresses that are so stylish and cool you’re cosy wherever you go! Kumiko Watari studied textile at the University of Arts, completing her BA & MA in Kyoto City. After a few years ofContinue reading

Sometimes I think London is a city made up of hundreds and thousands of design studios. There are so many jewellery, milliners and fashion designers – this is what’s so special about fashion in the UK – so much talent in one small place! Hemyca is a London based design team. We were paired togetherContinue reading

This show was such a pleasure to work on. I think I’ve been walking around with a smile on my face for the past few weeks as I just love Inbar’s collection. Inbar is really a truly creative person and as her stylist I want to do the best job possible. We had wonderful modelsContinue reading

I’m really looking forward to styling Harriet’s Muse‘s show, Mind Your Manners. I’ve worked with Craig & Cheryl for several years and I just love what they do. Their Spring/Summer 09 collection is so beautiful and cool. The show’s only a few days away, it’s on Monday at Vauxhall Fashion Scout. It’s a challenge toContinue reading

It’s all about the girl! I’m sure you think that casting is easy, just chose any beautiful girl – job done. Well it’s one of those jobs that’s easy to do badly, and takes a certain amount of skill to do well.  Finding the right look, walk and attitude can be tough. You might haveContinue reading

I met Nicole Bremner a few years back when she was just starting up Brittique. She now lives in New York and Susie Bubble is her buyer! I’ve asked Nicole to share with us her top 5 pick for this Autumn/Winter! 1. Cosy by Evie Belle 2. Kika by Bionda Castana I recently used thisContinue reading


Last season I saw Felder Felder (German twin sisters, Annette and Daniela Felder) at Vauxhall Fashion Scout and I loved their show. I thought their pieces would be great for some fashion shoots and I used several of them. I didn’t know much about the label but the audience was cheering away and you couldContinue reading


I had a fantastic time styling Inbar Spector’s show! There is so much of this collection that I want and would wear all the time, I really love all the clothes and the construction is genius! When you have clothes this special you’ve got to have a fantastic team! First and for most we hadContinue reading


I love Inbar Spector’s work. She’s showing for the first time in London at Vauxhall Fashion Scout. Inbar is so tiny and sweet and she has such a strong directional vision; she has a love it or leave me attitude – which you can’t help but respect. She’s a true designer, she loves what sheContinue reading