I’m often out shopping as I’m always looking for things for other people or for shoots. I find when I’m working I can’t focus on myself so I never seem to have the opportunity to shop for me! It’s been so hot lately that I realized that I’m in need of some summer clothes andContinue reading

This prehistoric anti-gay stuff is going to stop eventually. Urban Outfitters has removed from it’s shelves a t-shirt it was selling, which has the slogan "I Support Same Sex Marriage." Kudos to the buyers who brought the t-shirt in, and boo hiss to the executive(s) who decided to pull it. The t-shirt was designed byContinue reading


The A/W trends are all about making statements and being seen! From shoes and handbags littered with rhinestones to the head-to-toe blocks of colors, the clothes on London’s fashion streets shout: look at me! The ‘hot’ trends begin with the sweater dress. This comfortable and versatile piece is perfect for going from a day atContinue reading


I don’t really like sales. It’s not because I don’t like a good bargain, I really do. It’s just all the pushing and shoving, the impatience, the anxiety that goes with shopping on a busy day. There is joy but there can also be a sense of desperation just to find the right item. IContinue reading