As a stylist I’m partial to shopping in Uniqlo – it’s great when you’re looking for jeans, t-shirts, or any other tops: you’ll find every colour possible. One of my assistants recently purchased one of their Heat Tec thermal basics as it’s getting chilly outside! I was walking on Oxford Street when the window displayContinue reading

Jil Sander has signed on to be the Creative Director of Uniqlo! I’m quite excited about this – it seems like a smart business move for both sides. Jil Sanders is known for her minimalist designs and taking her talent and knowledge to collaborate with a high street chain can only be genius. Even theContinue reading

I’m not a fan of the puffy down coat. I lived in Winnipeg for a few years and the long down parka is just not a flattering look. When you’re in high school you don’t care about being practical or about being cold, even if it’s -30 and you’re waiting for the bus. To myContinue reading