You never know when it’s going to rain in London. Always bring an umbrella!

I love this yellow lemon Mr Stanford umbrella. It’s so grey and rainy lately that having a cheery umbrella will at least make you feel better about the rain. These umbrellas ¬†are ¬†designed and handmade in Brighton and supposed to be quite sturdy. So many umbrellas break and turn inside out in the rain andContinue reading

On a rainy day you may as well have an umbrella that makes you happy. I’m quite into tartan at the moment and I’m coveting this London Undercover umbrella at Oliver Spencer. The first umbrella appeared in the UK in the 12th century – they were already used in Egypt around 1200BC but for shade.

With all this rain you might want to visit the Burberry Brit store in Covent Gardens. it’s quite a beautiful shop and the staff is very polite. Of course if you’re in need of a rain coat or umbrella they’ll always have lots to choose from.  

I’m quite fond of umbrellas and I’m enjoying this umbrella from Squid London. It changes colour in the rain and for some reason this is quite delightful – the more it rains the brighter the colours! My umbrella depicts the London skyline. Me, waiting for more rain.

I’ve always liked umbrellas. When I was quite little my grandmother gave me an umbrella and that was the beginning of my obsession. I bought this one today at River Island for only £12.99. I generally like an umbrella that folds up so I can carry it in my handbag. You just never know whenContinue reading


We make fun of men who wear lifts in their shoes – I think in general life is difficult for the shorter man. King Louis XIV was only 5 foot 4 inches but some of his shoes were 6 inches high. During the seventeenth century, high heels signified the wealth and privilege of men andContinue reading