Ugly Betty: The Book is fashioned to resemble the ultra private and confidential white binder known as "the Book" (the Mode magazine mock-up prominently featured in the show), this book has a paper-over-board cover and is designed to look like an issue of Mode that Betty edited herself. The book’s chapters are presented in theContinue reading

I love luggage. All of my luggage is quite dull and I’m in desperate need of some new luggage. I have nondescript boring cases but now the zips are ripping and the wheels are wobbling. I’d love to have beautiful luggage – it just seems that beautiful clothes should travel in luxury. I saw thisContinue reading


For many designers function versus fashion is optional. – But if you’re making a watch that’s going to outer space, this is function at it’s most extreme. Somehow Seiko has manage to create a watch that displays the most accurate time in the world in outer space that looks cool! The watch maybe the onlyContinue reading


Many Canadians never see the Arctic but an adventurous group of employees from Hermès won their dream trip to travel to the Canadian Arctic and learn about the Inuit way of life. The contest was offered by Hermes to their employees worldwide; the employees were asked to submit a dream of any kind, travelling orContinue reading


This is my first trip to Calgary and it reminds me of Winnipeg in some ways – I guess lots of Canadian cities look, well, Canadian. Everyone is so friendly that it seems a bit unreal. i didn’t realize how accustomed I’ve become to London. It’s not so much that Londoners are rude -they’re not,Continue reading


I was staying in a log cabin for a couple of days for a photo shoot. This was the best bed I’ve ever slept in but I’m not quite sure if it’s because I was so tired from all the hard work or just jet lagged. Anyway the bed was so high that you hadContinue reading


Bright Light Slippers Whenever I’m staying at a hotel I tend to leave a light on. It’s not because I’m scared – although sometimes I might be, but fortunately I stay in nice hotels so they’re not really scary. I’m afraid of bumping into things, banging my toe. I really like the hotels that haveContinue reading


If you walk along Lang Street you’ll see lots of cool shops and lots of local designers. One shop  I went into had 27 local desighners. Many of the styles were young and hip, quite cool. Of course everything is summery it’s +30C!


Recycled items that I saw in markets and shops in Cape Town. Is it out of necessity or style that we use recycled objects? Or both?


On the top of Table Mountain. I have flashes of Niagara Falls up upside down. I think it’s the closest thing I’ve been to, or at least the sensation that I had. As you know I’m a city girl and only last a short while outside of zone one. Anyway I just loved being onContinue reading


Woolworths in Cape Town has some good deals, organic cotton and a section of South African Designers:


You might not even know the people that you’re working with on a shoot, it could be a whole new team for a job or maybe part of the team knows each other already. It’s different everytime. We had a casting at when we first arrived, sometimes you do a selection before you arrive andContinue reading


So I’m in Cape Town for the first time and have internet problems so I can’t up load any pictures…Arrrrg. Yahoo some pics from the airport to the city.  


Sometimes I don’t even remember where I’m going, I just know the train time and where I get off but really don’t know where i am, and somehow it doesn’t matter as long as I know what I’m doing it doesn’t matter where I go.


I have always liked the Toronto Transit System token. It’s small & silver and I found it a bit charming and I even had a purple eel skin purse that I used specifically to contain my tokens. Although I still wonder about the whole transit system and it’s two lines and the huge debates thatContinue reading


Another train ride but this one was quite short and only in zone three, so it wasn’t too far but carrying a heavy suit case up and down stairs is a pain. There’s always lots of prep involved in a shoot. The location house was quite cold sometime I wonder if poeple just keep theContinue reading


Traveling quite a bit makes me want a familiar hug and here’s a way to get more then just a long distance hug! Yahoo! "The Hug Shirt (F+R Hugs) is a shirt that allows people to exchange the physical sensation of a hug over distance. Embedded in the shirt there are sensors that feel theContinue reading