Ryan Lo’s collections always make me happy – it’s always girly and there is something pink. The event took place at the Topshop space at the Tate Modern and there was a huge queue to see the presentation. This season there was a cowgirl, a modern Oklahoma vibe to the collection with lots of separatesContinue reading


I love seeing how shops merchandise their window and how they dress and what kind of mannequins they feature. This week my favourite windows were Zara on Oxford street. Punk and 80’s inspirations – loved the pin curl wig – very Givenchy A/W 13 Loved the oversized cards at Beyond Retro. 90’s grunge and oversizedContinue reading

Topshop recently opened in Knightsbridge, across from Harrods. I love the look and feel of the store – it’s 14,000 square feet – three floors of fashion with glass, stainless steel and black marble to give it a bright and luxurious feel. It’s quite easy to navigate in the shop. It feels more grown-up thanContinue reading

Rumour has it that Philip Green is in talks with Christina Aguilera about a new range for Topshop – a 4 Million dollar deal. Christina is not new to endorsing products. In 2000 she was the face for make-up line Fetish. She’s also endorsed Skechers, Mercedes-Benz, Verizon Wireless, Coca-Cola in 2001 and Pepsi in 2006.Continue reading


I decided on a whim to get my hair styled at the Hershesons Blow Dry Bar in Topshop. It was quite fun as it’s the sort of thing that I don’t normally do but now I find myself with an addiction to big hair. There are 8 different looks to choose from and each lookContinue reading


It’s raining out and nobody’s shopping so it’s a perfect time to check out the new accessories at Topshop and dream of summer. I love these big summer floppy big hats and these 80’s clutch bags. This is a Chanel 2.55 inspired bag by Marc B and it’s only £35!


Racked, a blog about New York City shopping, is reporting that Topshop has secured a location for a store in Soho, near Bloomingdale’s. Google Maps has street level city images for San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas, Miami, and Denver, with more to come apparently. It’s amazing technology, although it’s a little strange being ableContinue reading

Celia Birtwell Print Scarf.jpg

I love accessories! A cute little neck scarf can make or break an outfit! When I lived in Paris I was an in awe of the many ways French women would wear a scarf. I was never one for the minimalist wardrobe, but the average Parisian women is all about details. They may all haveContinue reading


I don’t really like sales. It’s not because I don’t like a good bargain, I really do. It’s just all the pushing and shoving, the impatience, the anxiety that goes with shopping on a busy day. There is joy but there can also be a sense of desperation just to find the right item. IContinue reading