Of course it’s easier to get rid of a stain when you’re home and you can wash the garment, but what do you do on a shoot, if there is lipstick or deodorant on a garment? Sometimes you’ll receive a garment that is already stained or something happens on the shoot. As you already knowContinue reading


Most stylists & their assistants know how to steam and iron. I love steamers. I’m not big on ironing but it’s important to know how to iron a shirt. If you can iron a shirt while it’s still slightly damp it will wrinkle less and look nice and crisp. On occasion I’ve used a shirtContinue reading


Every stylist has similar things in her kit: safety pins, thread, needles, streamer, shoe polish etc. One of my favourite things are these Tide pens. It’s not often on a shoot that something has a stain on it but when it does, it’s very handy to have a stain remover. I’m not sure if youContinue reading