I was invited to the advance screening of Boardwalk Empire in Leicester Square – the show launches in the UK on the new Sky Atlantic HD channel. It’s set in Atlantic City during the early 20’s at the time of prohibition. The pilot cost $30 million, making it the most expensive pilot in history. IContinue reading

I love going to the theatre, but living in city with so much theatre it’s odd to say, but it’s hard to know what to go and see. By chance I just happend to pass by the Leicester Square Theatre and notice that Ugly Betty’s Michael Urie was performing in Celebrity Autobiography. I couldn’t giveContinue reading

I learn so many good things from TV. I was watching 30 Rock (NBC) when I first learned about the One Minute Dance Party and it just sounded like the most fabulous idea. Crank up your favourite tune, step away from your desk and just let loose for a minute. Just go for it, beContinue reading

Skins 3 is coming soon, and the Skins creators are looking for new talent. They’re looking for a writer, director, costume designer, and production designer to join the team. Entrants need to be between 18 and 23 years old and UK based. The closing date for all four competitions is Tuesday December 9th at 6pm.Continue reading

Mad Men is a show set in the 1960’s in Manhattan. Life is fun and exciting, men are men and women are women but life is changing. It’s an age of innocence – where pregnant women smoke, dinner is on the table for you when you get home, you have a black house keeper, casualContinue reading

I love Pink’s look in the video U + Ur Hand. I think she looks amazing and iconic. Pink might not have the most beautiful face in the world but that has nothing to do with her style power. Pink’s always has such a strong look and you always remember her. She’s done this fromContinue reading

This is one of my favourite show openings: When Dexter first came to the UK they launched an SMS-based viral marketing campaign. You’d receive a text from a private number with the following message: "Hello (name). I’m heading to the UK sooner than you might think. Dexter."  

British Style Genius is a new show airing this autumn. The event featured a 20-minute preview of the five-part series, with an introductory talk by BBC2 Controller, Roly Keating. I love fashion TV and I’ll watch any fashion program at least once. I just want to know what’s happening and be informed of fashion televisionContinue reading

This show was such a pleasure to work on. I think I’ve been walking around with a smile on my face for the past few weeks as I just love Inbar’s collection. Inbar is really a truly creative person and as her stylist I want to do the best job possible. We had wonderful modelsContinue reading


I know there are loads of fashion shows on tv at the moment and I’ve watched them all – and maybe there’s a bit over fashion over kill at the moment but I’m quite excited about Twiggy’s Fashion Trade. It’s is a new 3 part series for BBC2 which taps into the latest trend forContinue reading

Starting this weekend, Season 6 of Sex and The City will be playing again, on the Paramount Comedy Channel in the UK. Ever wonder what all the designers are that they’re wearing? Well, HBO’s website has the fashion credits on their website. It’s pretty complete, especially later in the series, although some of the creditsContinue reading

Nina Taylor

I was surprised to open up The London Paper yesterday and see some images that I styled a few months ago. Nina Taylor, the hand supermodel was just lovely and she’s well known for being Kate Moss’ hand & foot double in the Rimmel ads. Teresa of course, is brilliant and has painted everyone’s nailsContinue reading


I was styling some of the female contestants for ITV’s entrepreneurial reality show Tycoon in Reiss just off Regent Street.

Auction of THE COSTUME DEPARTMENT Auction of The Costume Department, specializing in film and television costume, approximately four hundred lots of high quality vintage and contemporary costume ranging from children wear, uniforms, school wear, work wear, sports wear, men’s and women’s fashions and accessories from the 1940s to present day ranging from the commonplace toContinue reading