Fashion has become very fashionable and there’s something comforting and fun about working in a virtual world especially if your only 10 years old. I think I would have liked games like this when I was little. Fashion games for girls is a huge market so it’s just not surprising that Koei have created aContinue reading


It’s quite flattering when you see your work on designer’s site! Beatrix Ong is a lovely shoe designer. She studied at Central St. Martins, The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and Cordwainers College in London. If you think that’s impressive, she then went on to design for Jimmy Choo and has now beenContinue reading


Racked, a blog about New York City shopping, is reporting that Topshop has secured a location for a store in Soho, near Bloomingdale’s. Google Maps has street level city images for San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas, Miami, and Denver, with more to come apparently. It’s amazing technology, although it’s a little strange being ableContinue reading


Traveling quite a bit makes me want a familiar hug and here’s a way to get more then just a long distance hug! Yahoo! "The Hug Shirt (F+R Hugs) is a shirt that allows people to exchange the physical sensation of a hug over distance. Embedded in the shirt there are sensors that feel theContinue reading


Been quite busy lately. Spent last weekend in Dorset. I was doing a sportswear shoot in a field. As you know I prefer the city but I do love sports/fitness wear; the fabrics can be so inovative, it’s amazing to think how fabic/technology has influence athletic performance. In 1954 the German Nation Team won theContinue reading

Yesterday I got to hang out with 3 very cool & inspiring Canadian women, Rahel, Emma and Ann. Rahel, I met ages ago when I was studying women’s studies and theatre in Montreal. She used to work in technical writing and now has her own company, Intentional Design focusing on content management & usability. AnnContinue reading

Check out this blog on Brand Protection. I really hate fake bags, brand, labels, sometimes it so hard to tell what is real and what isn’t  and of course, some are so obvious it’s painful. Did you know that something can be imbedded in a thread, to trace the authenticity of a garment – humanContinue reading


Whoo, A mac Classic, how cute and old mobile phones! This "vintage" collection belongs to David, the photographer in Canterbury. It’s great to work with someone so passionate about technology! I can’t imagine carrying around such a huge phone. David said he even has a special bag to carry it around it! How cool wasContinue reading