I love when you just know the designer must own a pet – so many cat t-shirts by Black Score and the designer Simeon Farrar does own a cat.   

  Joseph Nigoghossian’s film First Kiss is a short film of 100 frames and each frame is printed on a silk t-shirt. The print is an elusive story of a couple’s first kiss and there are only 100 t-shirts available! . The t-shirts are available at the cool destination shop Primitive London. It’s a tinyContinue reading

I love this t-shirt. I saw it at Route One and used it in one of the shows that I was styling at Bath In Fashion.

The t-shirt was originally a functional item which evolved from underwear in the 19th century and was later worn under a shirt. Marlon Brando wore a t-shirt in A Streetcar Named Desire. It was a rebelious, vulgar and sensual thing to do. In 1951 wearing a t-shirt would have been like walking around in yourContinue reading

We love t-shirts for so many reasons – it might be the perfect cut or the softest fabric but for many it’s all about the image. I love this image, it’s from a t-shirt for the band The Damned. Optical illusion can be quite fun as it’s a distortion of the senses, revealing how theContinue reading

To read the rest of this post check out Nandi the bull, signifier of calm, gentleness and nourishment. Lakshmi, goddess of beauty, luck, bringer of wealth and spiritual well-being. The iron-on transfer is back. I love that – there is something so retro about the iron-on that it’s become fashionable again! Manish Arora forContinue reading

I have begun working on garments for my final year collection and have a deadline of 3 toiled outfits coming up. I intend to create my collection influenced by The Monolith totem pole, created by Gustav Vigeland at the Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo, which is a huge column made in bronze and granite ofContinue reading

To celebrate the creation of Scarlett & Crimson, two anti-Bratz characters, Robert Cary-Williams has created a series of limited edition Scarlett & Crimson inspired cotton vests in dove grey and charcoal black. There are only 300 vests available. Half feature images of ornate keys and the other half feature skulls. Robert Cary-Williams has also handContinue reading

Religion has collaborated with the best clubs and DJs across Europe to produce a collection of exclusive licensed t-shirts under the label Clubbed to Death. Religion launched in 1989 as a line of t-shirts and sweatshirts aimed at the rave scene and drug culture. I love a great t-shirt! I know t-shirts and jeans canContinue reading

The Backyard Market is my new favourite market. Most of the designers run their own stalls so it feels very genuine – artists who are just doing what they love to do and hoping other people will like it. And you will – good food, good music and some good deals! For The Love ofContinue reading

I still don’t understand why so many women are wearing ugly and ill-fitting bras. Most major department stores do bra fittings and you don’t have to pay a lot of money to find something that fits. Bras at Marks and Spencer range from £8.00- £25-00 I find women usually say "this is just an oldContinue reading


I bought my first rubber boots/wellies as an adult; I had yellow one when I was little and for some reason I just couldn’t buy black rubber boots – they just seem too serious. The weather was so warm and sunny I actually didn’t need them but there is nothing worse then being soaked &Continue reading


I’m working with The Sunrise & Big Chill and we’re doing Ethical Fashion Show and Upcoming Ethical Designer Competition at the festival on Saturday August 2nd! I’ll be styling the show! The Big Chill Nights Arena is 40m by 40metres, the stage is 10m by 9m with a 16ft catwalk and a huge video screenContinue reading


The Subways: Josh Morgan – Drums, Billy Lunn – Guitar & Vocals, Charlotte Cooper – Bass & Vocals are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. They’re all really good friends, they love what they do and they’re just fun to hang out with! Their debut album, Young For Eternity, was released on 4Continue reading


Primark’s sales are increasing and throw away clothes and fast fashion are just part of our every day language. So the timing couldn’t be more perfect for the BBC to launch the on-line magazine Thread in conjunction with the programme Blood, Sweat and T-Shirts. I love fashion and I want to feel good about anyContinue reading


How cool to see Simon King’s London Denim T-Shirt for Harrods in an ad in the tube station! I love these T’s – they’re super soft. I have a white one with a heart on the sleeve and it comes with a cute little belt. Who could resist a T shirt with an accessory?!


Traveling quite a bit makes me want a familiar hug and here’s a way to get more then just a long distance hug! Yahoo! "The Hug Shirt (F+R Hugs) is a shirt that allows people to exchange the physical sensation of a hug over distance. Embedded in the shirt there are sensors that feel theContinue reading


Some very cool t-shirts! They also have a shop near Carnaby Street.