Shopcade is one of the fastest growing apps, with over 2 million page views per month and over 750,000 users. It’s a social network shopping app for the fashion-conscious consumer. Users log in to see their daily trending feed, a collection of celebrity and blogger styles, trends from magazines and exclusive deals from brands. What’sContinue reading

I spotted Kirsty Ward in Soho while she was out sourcing materials for her next collection. She’s had a very busy year: named her a ‘Rising Star of 2011’ and announced that she was one of their ‘Designers to Watch in 2011.’ She was also selected as Selfridges’ ‘Bright Young Thing’ of 2011,Continue reading

Ran into Nisha and Amber of The Broken Hearts while they were on their way to a photoshoot. They’re DJing tonight at the afterparty for the Brit Awards!

I ran into Anna while she was visiting art galleries along Brick Lane. I loved her white blond hair, it reminded me of Hally Berry as Storm! Anna also writes a blog called La Clairvoyance.

Today I noticed a man in the tube that was dressed head to toe in D&G. You could tell he loved his outfit. OK, he wasn’t nearly as fab as the D&G underwear model but he was tall and slim and suited the brand. I wish I had a picture to show you but sometimesContinue reading

I was sitting across from this man on the tube admiring all his accessories thinking that I’d really like to take his photo – fortunately we got off at the same stop. I just thought he looked so dapper and genuine. Anyway he has a shop, Fifteen Minutes on the Kings Road.  King’s Mall, 122Continue reading

You might not recognize these men’s shoes as Dr. Martens but I think they’re going to be very popular! You can expect the unexpected in British fashion! Love these white 14-eye icon boots designed by the renowned British wallpaper designer, Louise Body! They will be available at Dr. Marten stores for only £110 in FebruaryContinue reading


My assistant and I were on our way to Top Shop where she’d been spotted by 2 girls from Elle Street Style looking for cool trendsetters. They thought Sana looks like ChloĆ« Sevigny! How cool is Sana – she even has one green and one blue eye and they are so beautiful and of courseContinue reading


So if you’re feeling like summer’s here and you’re already wearing your favourite Luella floral dress then it just might be time to customize your scooter! I love these flowers! I used to decorate my bicycle when I lived in Montreal. I don’t tent to cycle in London as I find that I’m always carryingContinue reading


I love how these two girls are dressed. They look like the kind of people you want as friends. Trustworthy, cool and fun! It’s interesting that a bright colourful dress, a groovy head band and a red hand bag can covey a message – so if clothing is a language- a method of communication –Continue reading


The Subways: Josh Morgan – Drums, Billy Lunn – Guitar & Vocals, Charlotte Cooper – Bass & Vocals are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. They’re all really good friends, they love what they do and they’re just fun to hang out with! Their debut album, Young For Eternity, was released on 4Continue reading


When I see girls with great hair styles it inspires me to spend more time on my hair otherwise I experience pure hair envy. I love getting my hair done, I always feel more glamours – I’m just not great at doing it myself. It’s more of an effort thing but I do think hairContinue reading


I saw DJ S.O.L. and just had to take her picture. I love all the colours in this picture – it’s so eclectic & vibrant.


I’m not very confident stopping people in the street and asking them if I can take their picture. I’m trying to be a bit braver but every now and then fashion gets the best of me and I can’t help but stop someone. I saw this girl – a drama student on the escalator andContinue reading


Michele Obi from My Fashion Life at Modernist Catherine McColl, the fashion editor of Amelia’s Magazine at Anne-Sofie Back. Maria Milano, the on line Editor of InStyle at the Jaeger after party! I loved the Jaeger show! It was great to see a British iconic brand showing at LFW – I think they’re going toContinue reading


I saw these two fabulous girls across from the Ritz and I just had to take their picture! They are both wearing such great shoes and even though it was chilly the girl on the left wears open toe heels with sequin leggings. Both girls happen to be shoe buyers for Office!


Cool People on Neal Street in London. I love this girl’s blouse and the big bow. She bought it all in China.


One of the best things about attending fashion week is seeing all the people. It’s great because you run into people that you haven’t seen for ages, but most of all you just get to see what other fashionistas are wearing. You can tell that some people really put a lot of thought and effortContinue reading