Is it time for a new girl band? Yellow Brick Road is a brand new girl band, but Gem, Lizzy and Stacy have a lot of experience: they’ve been singing together, formerly as Stonefoxx, since 2006. They’ve done some amazing things in that time: they have supported Shayne Ward and got to perform at theContinue reading

Up and coming girl band Stonefoxx performed their media showcase at the Soho Revue Bar to a full house! So many elements are involved in making/creating/developing of a girl band. You have to have the right girls, the right management, the right music and sound, the right production and the right look and style. SoContinue reading


Another day out with Stonefoxx! And of course it was such a fun shoot, it was freezing but the girls looked great! The shoot  was for Nintendo Wii – Battle of the Bands! How cute and sexy are they!


Stonefoxx performed at the O2 Arena – they’re the opening act for Shane Ward’s UK tour! Of course I’m biased because I’ve known them for a couple of years and I just want everyone to dance around listening to them on the radio! Stacy, Lizzy and Gem! We watched Shane Ward from a private boxContinue reading


Stonefoxx performed last night at Embassy Club in Mayfair. Who is Stonefoxx? They are a relatively new pop band. I met them about two years ago when they first started working together: Gem Allen, Stacy Burton and Lizzy Williams. They are super fun, cool and hard working. I adore them! They are managed by JamesContinue reading


Stonefoxx – a new super cool girl band!

Link: The Sun Online – Bizarre online: Girl bands vie for crown. Stonefoxx are managed by Kiss 100 DJ James Merritt after a massive country-wide search to find the UK’s best new singers. The girls are working with the writers behind Sugababes, Atomic Kitten and Dannii Minogue to create an album to take to recordContinue reading