I’ve got a 6am wake up call tomorrow. Great. Marvellous. Wonderful. What an inconvenience this tube strike malarkey is. I don’t have the luxury of working from home so I can either squeeze myself on to a bendy bus and get my face lodged under some fat man’s armpit or I can do what IContinue reading

Stella McCartney launches it’s first mobile advertising campaign in North America. The campaign debuted earlier this month and runs throughout January. The ads will appear on about a dozen sites in the Millenial Media network. This is the brand’s first launch into mobile marketing representing a clear step forward to reach tech-savvy consumers – women!Continue reading


I’m always happy when I see a great collaboration and I really hate when I see a partnership just for the sake of marketing. There’s something lazy & ugly about it. I had a blue LeSportsac in high school and it wasn’t fashionable: just very lightweight & practical with lots of pockets & zippers. I’mContinue reading