I love some of the streets around Spitalfields as they haven’t changed much since the Huguenots lived there. If you have a chance and want to see a historical house visit The Town House on 5 Fournier Street. It’s a wonderful place to  see some antiques and downstairs there is a traditional kitchen where you canContinue reading


There is always something exciting about seeing a film set. I don’t know what film this is but jut seeing crashed cars, extras hanging about and even telephone boxes where they are not usually excites the  imagination!


I love a tea party unfortunately it was raining for the Wedgewood Tea Party in Spitalfields which doesn’t seem ideal, but really a cup tea on a rainy is really quite a good thing!


I love how Spitalfields is constantly changing. This space outside Christ Church was originally a  men’s toilet,  it them became a night club called Public Life and now it’s a vintage shop that’s open on weekends for the next few weeks. This is a picture of the toilets in 1982 by photographer John Claridge. It still has the sameContinue reading


Today I was at the Spitalfields Record Fair – it’s good to know that people still buy records. I have several friends who are always buying records but they work in the music industry, so does that still count? Anyway, somehow it seems that people still want to buy records and it’s nice to seeContinue reading

I love art that makes me smile and this egg is part of Julian Wild‘s To Market To Market exhibit, the title being inspired by the nursury rhyme: This little piggy went to market. This little piggy stayed home. This little piggy had organic, hand-reared roast beef. This little piggy had none. And this littleContinue reading


Sometimes there is nothing more magical than a snow day!


I really enjoy seeing all kinds of fashion – I feel like I’m a fashion enthusiast. For two days over 50 designers showcased their work at Africa Fashion Week London in Spitalfields. It was a very festive atmosphere and the audience area and the photographer’s pit was packed! I’m always moved when I see aContinue reading

Nosferatu  –The Symphony of Horror I love watching films outdoors – but I didn’t realize there’d be a full orchestra and choir! It was a unique collaboration between soundscapers Minima, Paul Ayres’ Queldryk Choral Ensemble and Hackney based spatial artist Lucy Jones created a re-imagined film score and performance for the 90th anniversary of the 1922Continue reading


Today there was Tea Dancing in Spitalfields Market, with live music by the New Covent Garden Dance Orchestra. Couples were Waltzing and Fox Trotting. There was something so beautiful and romantic about people dancing out in the open market during the rain.

Love this car! It just looks so cool, very gangster!

And Now Wee is a cool, affordable menswear label by Jonny Deacon. It’s sold at Truman Brewery’s Back Yard Market on Brick Lane during the weekend and during the week they are in in Spitalfields Market. They will also be available in Kosmos, in Italy this spring. What inspired you to design your own collection?Continue reading


If you’ve very hungry or in need of a good English breakfast the S&M cafe (Sausage and Mash cafe) is a great place to eat. This is also a good place for a photo shoot. I’ve shot here a couple of times but you have to start early in the morning and finish before noonContinue reading


Spitafields Market – there have been so many changes & renovations here I wasn’t sure how much I was going to like it, I was afraid that it wouldn’t have the same charm. It did – just more polished. In the few years I’ve been in London I’ve noticed lots of things change. It willContinue reading