If you need to escape on a rainy day, nip into Said, the new branch of a long-established Rome chocolate shop at 41 Broadwick Street in the heart of Soho. It’s small and cosy, there are tiled floors and the wall to ceiling is decorated with beautiful chromed brass, iron and steel chocolate moulds shaped as stars, shells, rabbits,Continue reading

If you need a little break from all your Christmas shopping, London is full of wonderful cafes. 53 Lexington Street, Soho, London W1F 9AN

Sir Tom Baker specialises in classically cut formal suits and modern cutting edge suits. You might not be a rock star but if you’d like to feel like one you might consider one of his suits, either bespoke or off the peg. Sir Tom trained at Hardy Amies. He’s been creating bespoke suits for overContinue reading

Up and coming girl band Stonefoxx performed their media showcase at the Soho Revue Bar to a full house! So many elements are involved in making/creating/developing of a girl band. You have to have the right girls, the right management, the right music and sound, the right production and the right look and style. SoContinue reading


I was running some errands and came across this shop – it’s funny how you pass a street all the time and then one day it’s like you’re seeing it for the first time. This shop has been here for over 20 years. All the garments are so beautifully cut and the linings are justContinue reading


I was out and about in Soho with Inbar Spector. She had a great time in Paris and her collection was well received! Inbar’s already working on her Spring Summer 09 collection – of course the expectation are going to be high but it’s off to a great start!


I like purchasing a garment when there’s a spare button sewn on the inside. Cheap garments don’t seem to offer this “extra”. If the button falls off without my knowing it and there’s no spare, the garment just seems to lie around for ages and I never seem to find the time to buy theContinue reading


Racked, a blog about New York City shopping, is reporting that Topshop has secured a location for a store in Soho, near Bloomingdale’s. Google Maps has street level city images for San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas, Miami, and Denver, with more to come apparently. It’s amazing technology, although it’s a little strange being ableContinue reading


Met Gok Wan today in Soho. How handsome is he! I must tell you that the man you see in How to Look Good Naked is the exactly the same person in the flesh. He’s honest, funny, personable and loves fashion. Don’t think for a moment that he’s just a tv presenter talking about fashionContinue reading


Saw this cafe while on my way to meet some friends in Soho. It looked quite cute inside, you could smell the coffee and they had lots of pin up girl postcards!


Today I met with one of my favourite people, Gok Wan. He was one of the first people I met when I moved to London. I was visiting a PRs and he just happen to be pulling some clothes too. Gok was so friendly, telling me different PRs to visit, where to find certain items,Continue reading