I really loved the third season of Skins so I was quite pleased when I met Kathyrn Prescott  –  I really like her character Emily Fitch – one of the twins. Kathryn attended her first London Fashion Week and was at William Tempest’s show, and below is a mini-interview with Kathryn about fashion! Kathryn Prescott,Continue reading

Skins 3 is coming soon, and the Skins creators are looking for new talent. They’re looking for a writer, director, costume designer, and production designer to join the team. Entrants need to be between 18 and 23 years old and UK based. The closing date for all four competitions is Tuesday December 9th at 6pm.Continue reading


Joseph Dempsie plays Chris on the E4’s new, edgy show “Skins,” which follows the raucous lives of a group of UK teenagers. Chris is probably the craziest of a cast of crazy characters. Doesn’t he look cool in Religion hanging out in The Hoxten Hotel.