Yeashin Kim launched her brand ‘YEASHIN’ in 2012, after she graduated from the London College of Fashion.I met her when she was also selected for Fashion Scout’s Ones to Watch for February 2013. Her clothes are fun, happy – of a mixture of traditional Korean elements and British 60’s glamour!

I love reading magazines but it’s always fun to spot one on the shelf that you’ve worked on. I like going to Selfridges for magazines – they seem to have a good selection and they carry Phoenix! We’re already busy calling in and preparing shoots for our next issue!

I always look forward to seeing Selfridges’ window displays. This month they use colourful wigs and garlands of flowers. It’s quite whimsical, with butterflys, bluebells and toad stools.

So Christmas is upon us, the red Starbucks cups are gracing chilly hands, the tills are ringing with lavish present buying and tonight we even had carol singers at the door (boys wearing hoodies with their hands cupped, Oliver style – aww how lovely). Today was the first day I actually felt a little bitContinue reading

          Who can resist the month-long celebrations at Selfridges? I love the Selfridgettes wearing a hot little Giles Decon dress in Pantone 109 made especially to mark Selfridges’ 100 years.   There is everything from Gay Bingo to Fashion Saturdays and the Sunday Cabaret!       Louis Vuitton has giftedContinue reading

One of the best things about London is how creative and inspiring it is. I love Selfridges‘ windows.The February windows are great – a Greco-Roman feel in white with metallic accents and paper cutouts. Selfridges’ windows are seen by about 80,000 people every day!


Selfridges is one of my favourite places to meet friends and go shopping! Shopping is something we all do; it’s an activity that seems so natural we don’t realize that shopping for pleasure rather than necessity was invented, and much of that has to do with Harry George Selfridge. Harry George Selfridge was an AmericanContinue reading