Spice Girls outfits sketch by Cavalli

Cavalli has designed outfits for The Spice Girls’ comeback tour, which starts Dec 2 in Vancouver, Canada! Apparently Victoria Beckham has been personal friends with Cavalli for a long time, and that’s how they got him to design for them. It pays to have a fashionista in your band! Here they are back in theContinue reading

Racked has a great report from inside the H&M store in NYC at the launch of Roberto Cavalli for H&M. Said one shopper to another: ‘Bitch if you grab that, I’m going to fucking cut you.’ Yikes!!! Things were a bit more civil here in London… Here’s an interesting commercial, with Jessica Stam acting! That’sContinue reading

One of my friends was a button buyer for Le Ch√Ęteau. She said one of the simplest ways to change the price point of a finished garment was to change the buttons. Do you ever wonder, what really is the difference between high street and high fashion? Well really it’s quite simple – quality andContinue reading