Studio 805 is a new menswear line designed by Andrew Bannister. Andrew graduates this summer from Leeds College of Art & Design (LCAD). I love this collection: it’s bright, cheerful and clever. I also love the hats – they’re a bit bellboy-like but what stylist could resist this collection! The fabrics range from printed butcherContinue reading


London is a great city for lingerie, there are so many styles and it’s all quite playful. I went to the Playful Promises Press Day; they were featuring their own lingerie Playful Promises, Kiss Me Deadly and Fairy Goth Mother. Kiss me Deadly has great vintage/retro inspired pieces. Their garter belt straps are just aContinue reading


Annabel Lewis is the founder of the celebrated trimmings and ribbon shop and every stylist’s favourite haberdashery VV Rouleaux! Annabel was giving mini demonstrations as part of the Viktor & Rolf exhibition on bow making. She gave everyone a long wired ribbon and showed us how to make the perfect rose and Christmas tree bow!Continue reading


I’ve spent the last week in and out of fabric shops and I can’t imagine not having access to ribbon, lace and trimmings. I feel so happy when I’m in a haberdashery or lovely fabric shop! It’s a great place for a designer, stylist or fashion student to look for inspiration. You never know howContinue reading


Been quite busy lately. Spent last weekend in Dorset. I was doing a sportswear shoot in a field. As you know I prefer the city but I do love sports/fitness wear; the fabrics can be so inovative, it’s amazing to think how fabic/technology has influence athletic performance. In 1954 the German Nation Team won theContinue reading